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Department of Pharmaceutics

There are three laboratories in which Physical Pharmacy, Preparative Pharmacy, Dispensing Pharmacy, Formulative and Industrial Pharmacy, Practice of Pharmacy and allied subject’s experiments are performed. These laboratories are equipped with special equipments for the experiment models of pharmaceutical industries. The students are also trained to study, formulate, label and dispense medications in specified dosage forms.

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Three laboratories are allocated for the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. In these laboratories, experiments in basic organic, inorganic and physical chemistry are practiced. Also, experiments related to chemistry of natural products, chemistry of synthetic drugs and medicinal chemistry are performed. These are important laboratories for those who are interested to become research scientist in leading pharmaceutical industries, as the expertise will be gained from simple periodic table to complex sequences of syntheses for new drugs. Many sophisticated equipments and a wide range of glass wares are being used in these laboratories.

Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis

One Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory function as an analytical lab equals a mock-up quality control department of a pharmaceutical industry. All kind of analytical processes of drugs and formulations of the industries are carried out in the laboratory and the majority of the experiments are in alliance with the Central Instrumentation Laboratory contained with all the modern equipments for Instrumental methods of analysis.

Department of Pharmacology

Aligarh College of Pharmacy has two sprawling laboratories for Pharmacology department where the animal experiments are carried out by both in-vitro and in-vivo procedures to understand the Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics of the drugs with the physiological systems of the animal body. Our college is approved by CPCSEA for conducting animal experiments and these experiments are conducted after the approval of the Ethical Committee as regulated by CPCSEA. On the other hand, computer software is available for the basic demonstration of pharmacology experiments to avoid sacrificing laboratory animals for these experiments. A well-maintained animal house is also available with the stocks of rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs and frogs for the pharmacology experiments.

Department of Pharmacognosy

is the science deals with the detailed studies about the natural drugs obtained from plant, animal, mineral and marine sources. A laboratory of Pharmacognosy is providing information regarding the natural drugs, their identification, cultivation, collection, preparation, chemical constituents, uses, identification tests, determination of possible adulterants and the detection of the same. Many crude drug specimens, demonstration charts are available in the laboratory in order to make the students to understand organoleptic, macroscopic, microscopic, chemical and pharmacological characteristics of those drugs obtained from natural sources. Modern methods like chromatography and spectrometry are also studied for existing and new natural products.

Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

an emerging field with the usage of many sophisticated instrumental etiquette for the study of the biological methods used for the new drug development and to ensure drug safety to the living organisms including humans and animals. The rapid development of this field encouraged micro- and nanotechnology, which are the hot topics of interest for many biological scientists. Genomics is focused with the studies on genes, the genetic principle and Proteomics is focused with the studies on the proteins, the building blocks of genetic materials, the nucleic acids. An all new technology and worldwide wonder of latest scientific era, Stem Cell Research is emerged from this Pharmaceutical biotechnology to novel dimensions of treatment of life threatening diseases and disorders of the humans and animals. The students of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology are studying an introductory lesson of all these dynamic technologies.

Department of Instrumentation Analysis

central instrumentation lab enclose the equipments for the practical industrial pharmacy and pharmaceutical analysis in its two portions, the machine room and the Instrumental analysis room.

Department of Computer

The computer lab is equipped with 30 PCs to provide basic training to use the computer and new program development using C, C++, etc.